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Cool, Neutral, succinct, uninhibited, there is a style of unspeakable but very eye-catching, this is a rivet wind. Spring unannounced,Oakley Sunglasses 2014 Rivet series sunglasses began to reveal the charm, declared this season's high-profile fashion highlights "Either sexy or rebellious."

Just think, when the avant-garde meets rock camp, two equally subversive genre as the ultimate goal of personality, will impact what kind of creative spark between them? Like a rock star in the psychedelic style, Oakley sunglasses has its own whims and neat style, diamond rivets embedded in the frame, this is exactly the same geometry and minimalist philosophy, has always preached the avant-garde visual aesthetic philosophy. Oakley hinges using new, glamorous and cool circulated among the kinds of style, designed for a variety of wild ring-shaped face. Not only that, Oakley Sunglasses Canada nose pads designed specifically for Asians, called "wild Hoop Special Edition," while not forgetting the beautiful comfort. In recent years, the popular round metal rivets embedded in the frame with the previous frame, showing the brand logo after Rivet "O". Flat ring-shaped design is more compact and capable, retro circle shaped design overspill lazy feminine.

Whether it is a mirror reflecting light, or changing colors, the music festival scene is one of the most eye-catching accessories mirror reflective sunglasses Super pull the wind, even if it is worried that sunglasses weekdays exaggerated afraid he could not Hold , to enjoy the fun of the music festival scene, you can safely let go again despite.

Last year styling mirror reflective sunglasses Alessandra Ambrosio (Alessandra Ambrosio), Anna Sophia Robb (Annasophia Robb) debut at Coachella Music Festival is impressive, you want to stand out in the crowd scene, so pull the wind of course, money is an essential accessory a good thing, many people have to wear these type of eye-catching Oakley Glasses to enjoy the carnival music, whether it is a mirror reflecting light, or changing the colors are eye-catching, even if it is worried that sunglasses weekdays Hold live too exaggerated fear of their own, to have fun music festival scene, even though you can let go once bold!

The series of Oakley Sunglasses Sale on the basis of Dean and Piper, added two new models - Minnie and Hall, their first use of triple tilt lens, light purple and pink frame lens reveals a mix of sweet girlish taste. Dean and Piper with a new hue: blue, green, but do not worry they will block your line of sight to penetrate the room.